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A leading cosmetic
manufacturer for the world’s greatest beauty brands.

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A flexible manufacturer that fits your needs.

Bryhel Cosmetics labs is your ideal turnkey partner to either develop a new custom formula, match a benchmark, or leverage an existing formula from our extensive private-label library.

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Line Concept

The line concept ensures you get off to the right start and lays out everything you need to know.

Bryhel will take your project from an initial brief and define the determinants of your cosmetic line such as the target market, turnaround and budget etc.

We will work out everything from what your products are about and who it’s aimed at, to what formulations and how to achieve success.

Product Conditioning

Whether you already have everything planned or not, we can help you enhance your brand identity. While the formula is an essential part of your cosmetics line, other meaningful considerations have to be included, such as the type and style of packaging for each product, as well as branding.

Bryhel offers an extensive packaging selection tailored to each customer’s needs and expectations and can adapt to your specifications.

Cosmetic product develpment

Whether you’re looking to develop a custom formula, leverage our existing ones, or trust us to blend, fill and pack your products in our laboratory, we will always provide the highest quality products that rigorously respect your specifications.

Labelling and printing

Our laboratory has various labeling and printing devices that adapt to all formats and volumes to personalize your products to the last detail.

Depending on the country of destination of your cosmetic products, Bryhel will ensure the labels of your cosmetic products will meet all regulatory requirements and contain all necessary information.


Our advanced technology offers precise control of the entire manufacturing process. We manufacture your products according to specifications and consistently deliver them on time in our GMP-compliant facility.

Our Quality Team strictly follows all production protocols and conducts statistical sampling to analyze all raw materials and finished goods.


Our logistics team is here to ensure the reception of your products and packaging and to manage your stock entries. We can organize all logistics and delivery of your order within your deadlines.

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