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Revolutionizing conventions : Our Journey as Partners to Ambitious Brands

Meet the founder

the founder

I founded Bryhel with one mission in mind: to ease the backstage of cosmetic brands and beauty & wellness industry experts.

Our team of professionals had the opportunity to work with many different personalities over the years. From environmentally conscious brands to clean, responsible, mass or luxury cosmetic lines, we have acquired the necessary knowledge to meet all needs.

We don’t consider ourselves simply manufacturers, we are partners! We are continuously looking for innovation and ways to address the problems that the industry may pose, value our trusted relationships, and love seeing these projects grow!

Who we are


Our team is made of positive & motivated people. The Product, Project Managers, and the Research & Development team are always here to advise and guide you through all the creative processes.


We don’t see Bryhel as another manufacturing laboratory. Bryhel is about being thoughtful and how we can best contribute to making the client satisfied.


We offer competitive prices for the majority of our products in addition to unbeatable quality. Israel offers high-quality ingredients & exceptional prices compared to the rest of the world.

Is Key

Bryhel is complete support to its clients.

We’re always here to facilitate quick communication and accommodate as much as possible.

New Way Of

We aim to create a manufacturing space where entrepreneurs and cosmetic brand leaders can trust us blindly without worrying about the usual manufacturing industry’s headaches.

Our beauty awards
speak for our quality

Some places where you can find our products

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